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Max Corbacho has been creating magnificent Ambient Atmospheric - Space Music for almost two decades. Since the 1998 debut "Vestiges", Max has without a doubt showcased an alluring, spiritual beauty at the very center of each of his recordings, with a sense of reverence, emotional presence and deep feeling that express Max' vision through his unique sonic architecture and seamlessly communicates it to the listener. 

The results of Max' creative process are timeless, breathing electronic soundscapes, slowly drifting harmonies, luminous floating textures and transparent synthesizer layers floating as if suspended in the vastness of time-space, providing mind altering soundscapes. Max' music can soothe and quiet with passive listening, or take you on an introspective, contemplative journey with active listening.

From his earlier works, Vestiges, Nocturnal Emanations, and MoonTribe, to more recent works as The Talisman, BreathStream, Ars Lucis, Max has used his ethereal synthesizer structures as a mechanism for listeners to travel across time and space and into the innermost spaces of being.

Recently, Max Corbacho released a double-CD album, titled The Ocean Inside, a slow, smooth two-plus hour aquatic, oceanic beatless drift to places within. This special release is at the core of his work...the ocean being a metaphor for the quiet space within each of us and Max' music resonating there.

On this site you can download and stream mp3 clips, buy music online, read press reviews,  and much more information about Max´s past, current and future works.