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Indalo Max Corbacho ambient music

Track List

      1. Indalo
      2. The Agave emerges on the dry earth
      3. Lava Atmospheres
      4. Cabo de Gata
      5. A lucid dream of strange landscapes
      6. Petrified wisdom
      7. Signs of former experiences

      Total time 70:07

      Indalo (medley excerpt-mp3)

      INDALO - Max Corbacho & Bruno Sanfilippo

      Label: ad21music
      Catalog#: AD 0105
      Format: CDr, FLAC + MP3 Download
      Country: Spain
      Released: 2003
      Genre: Electronic
      Style: Ambient music, Space music, Tribal Ambient
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      "INDALO is the first collaboration work between both artists, inspired by a join trip to the South of Spain. The whole CD represents an exploratory excursion to atmospheric ambient textures of a dark and dreamy beauty, a deep kind of ritual echoes.

      Structurally this CD presents seven soundscapes, carefully placed, starting with some rythmic movements, from the walking groove of "Indalo", driving the listener over the atmospheric synth lines, to the more relaxed and introspective realms of the following tracks. The textures are made based on a mix of field recordings, computer manipulated samples and spontaneously created tracks on synths and samplers. Strange far-away noises, swirling windy ancient echoes, subtle percussions, distant acoustic sounds and undulating synthlayers conform this work, all selected and presented in a deep, full of emotion, organic experience."


      "This work tells of a shared spiritual imagination and of the steps each artist has taken toward enlightenment. Their detailed harmonic soundscapes portray the vast expanse of a timeless panorama".
      Chuck van Zyl, Host of "StarĀ“s End

      "Ambient artists Max Corbacho and Bruno Sanfilippo merge their considerable talents for Indalo, a brooding, eerie, powerful excursion into dark ambient soundscapes peppered with occasional ethno-tribal rhythms, filled with primal sensuality, and laced throughout with palpable mystery and ancient ritual."
      Bill Binkelman, Wind and Wire

      "Both the darker and lighter shades of life seem to meet in this ongoing journey, ranging from cosmic territory before spiralling down to earth again. This is magnificent stuff, one that deserves a high recommendation."
      Bert Strolenberg, E-dition Magazine