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Far Beyond the Immobile Point - Max Corbacho - Ambient Music

Track List

    1. Primigenial Frontier
    2. Predawn Darkness
    3. The Treshold
    4. Invisible Jewell
    5. The Great Sparkling Dome
    6. Soundless Sign
    7. Far Beyond The Immobile Point

      Bonus Tracks:
    8. Ancient Transition
    9. Hundred Miles of Emptiness

      Total time 74:35

      Far Beyond the Immobile Point (medley excerpt-mp3)


      Label: ad21music
      Catalog#: 67436
      Format: FLAC + MP3 Download
      Country: Spain
      Released: 2000
      Genre: Electronic
      Style: Ambient music, Space music
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      Max Corbacho's 2000 release, "Far Beyond the Immobile Point",  remastered for 2011.

      "Far Beyond the Immobile Point", Max Corbacho's second full length release, has been fully remastered from the original 1999 recordings. The original 2000 release required gaps between each track, pulling the listener out of the sonic flow of the album.  It's now available as it was originally intended as a seamless atmospheric ambient experience. Included in this reissue are two unreleased bonus tracks recorded during the same timeframe:  "Ancient Transition" and "Hundred Miles of Emptiness".

      "Far Beyond the Immobile Point" contains no rhythm and is filled with intense and sometimes darker sounds in a sparser sonic landsacpe. From the soft shimmers of "Primigenial Frontier" to the low rumblings of "Predawn Darkness", the mood throughout is haunting and dramatic, yet serene and beautiful. Many Max Corbacho fans may not be familiar with this early release, but this paved the way for the music to come. 

      "Far Beyond the Immobile Point" is available in full CD quality FLAC and MP3-256 kbps.

      "Corbacho's music has an energy that gives the listener the feeling of belonging into an eternal, endless pulse of an ever-expanding universe, leading our imagination through the immensity of the cosmos in a tireless quest in the realms of wonder."
      Hector Jordan (Groove Unlimited)

      "This is one of the best ambient/space-albums I've ever heard."
      Paul Rijkens / E-dition magazine

      "a great floating tour-de-force into the grandness and serenity of the cosmos surrounding us."
      Bert Strolember, Sonicimmersion

      "Any one of Max’s albums is evidence enough of his talent, commitment and maturity as an artist. Even this early in his career, Max’s sound-sculpting skills are clear, and goosebump-exciting to hear."
      Greg Moorcroft, eyes cast down