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Vestiges - Max Corbacho - Ambient Music

Track List

    1. Desolada
    2. Night Caravan
    3. First Rain
    4. Erosion
    5. Death Valley
    6. Quietness
    7. Vestiges

      Total time 53:47

      Vestiges (medley excerpt-mp3)

      VESTIGES - Max Corbacho

      Label: Freerecords
      Catalog#: FCD-1065
      Format: CD, MP3 Download
      Country: Spain
      Released: 1998
      Genre: Electronic
      Style: Ambient music, Space music, Tribal Ambient
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      "Max Corbacho's Vestiges has often been compared to Steve Roach's Western Spaces and Desert Solitaire. While such comparisons have some validity, they distract listeners from hearing Corbacho's nuances and subtleties. The CD is definitely in the style of Roach's desert ambience, but Corbacho puts his own twists and turns on the soundscape. The ethnic rhythms and arid atmospheres are full and distinct. The rhythms drive the atmospheres. This disc, while certainly a desert ambient offering, stands on its own as a work of merit. It will appeal to fans of Ma Ja Le, Biff Johnson, Temps Perdu, Steve Roach, and Vidna Obmana."
      — Jim Brenholts, All Music Guide


      "Gliding ambient serenity with hypnotic hand drumming. Max Corbacho's first CD drifts over the listener like soft sand and silk, weightless wafts and gossamer veils of synthetic tone rising and falling in delicate harmony. The tone is light and dreamy, floatational and airy - atmospheric rather than oceanic, skybound rather than subterranean. The percussive content is confined to the first four pieces - here gentle loops comprised of organic beats with an ethnic flavour roll round evenly, trance-inducing, repeating until a part of the fabric of the environment. As the album progresses the introspective nature of the music increases - the beautiful Erosion lulling and spacious leading into the final three beatless tracks. The shadows pull in somewhat toward the end, Vestiges opening with a twilight moodiness that seems to open into a clear night - the listener a solitary presence in a vast panorama."
      Morpheus Music & The Mall Magazine

      "Vestiges is a great ambient expanse of soundscapes much in the style of classic Steve Roach discs like Dreamtime Return, or Desert Solitaire."
      Phil Derby / Exposé Magazine